Wednesday, March 7, 2012

'Dr. A-Man' Takes Control

We've been hacked!

Starting today, Chiaro Films will be out spreading the word about "Delivery Day" as the film's final stages of editing take place. The above propaganda reel plays this afternoon at the Harris Theater in Pittsburgh to kick us off. Also, keep an eye out for special fliers filled with DD release information.

Our promotions throughout the next couple months will lead to two releases of "Delivery Day," one in Youngstown and the other in Pittsburgh. Anyone can attend the shows for a night of film, refreshments, friends and fun. Please stay connected to our Facebook page for exact show dates, production photos and announcements.

If you would like to help the DD Promotion Team, please e-mail us at and we'll gladly welcome you on board.

For more daily updates, follow @ChiaroFilms on Twitter! ...and keep an eye out for Dr. A-Man roaming the streets.

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