Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Back in Action

To everyone who supported us during the making of "Beautiful Silence" we would like to thank you as well as apologize for being missing-in-action since. Like most of you, we've been extremely busy and also ran into technical difficulties when it came to screening the film. We hope to maybe screen it sometime in the future for anyone that was looking forward to seeing it, as new films are produced.

There have been many updates though! Director Doug Helmick has since created a logo promotion video for Chiaro Films, two shorts for a class (which are still being re-worked), and a part two short for an experimental piece that he made in the past. Helmick is also planning and preparing for his next production. More information for everything mentioned will be posted accordingly.

From now on I will be posting at least once a week, so stay connected for updates. I've also created a new Chiaro Films Facebook page for anyone interested in quick, on the go updates. Here is the new logo promotion video, Chiaro Films Logo 2011, enjoy...